Goldaneh Soroush

Mamra Almond

This type of Almond (Mamra Badam) prefers to grow on hillsides and the skirt of mountains. Because Iran has many mountainous areas, farmers can grow this raisin in many provinces. For example, you can find vineyards in West & East Azerbaijan, Hamedan, Markazi, Qazvin, North Khorasan, and Shiraz.

Mamra Almonds Harvest Season starts in late September and Mid-October. So, our suggestion for customers is to book their orders in the first weeks of September. Although please note Mamra Badam will be available during the year.

We have many customers from all over the world who are interested in this type of Almonds (Mamra Almond). For example, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, India, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Goldaneh Soroush Company is a wholesaler, manufacturer, and exporter of different types of Almonds (Badam). We supply below sizes of Mamra Almond:

  • 90 – 97 pieces/100 gr
  • 100 – 105 pieces/100 gr
  • 110 – 115 pieces/100 gr
  • 120 – 125 pieces/100 gr
  • 130 – 135 pieces/100 gr
  • 140 – 145 pieces/100 gr


  • 10 kg cartons
  • 12.5 kg cartons
  • Our Production line can arrange other packing types per customer`s request

Minimum Order Quantity: for almond is 3 -10 Tons based on the chosen transportation form.

Loading: Mamra Almonds can be loaded and shipped in 20 ft.  dry and refrigerator containers, most importantly, our recommendation for far distances and warm areas, is to use refrigerator containers, so the cargo will remain safe and sound during transportation.

Loading capacity of containers:

  • 20 ft. Container: up to 13 Tons

Shelf life: one year after the production date.

Keeping condition: Users can keep these Badams (Almonds) at room temperature which has good air ventilation and it is free of dust. However, In our professional opinion, it is better to keep them in the Refrigerator which is cool (below 7 Centigrade) and dry with proper air ventilation.

Production Time: It depends on your needed quantity. So, It can vary between 15-25 working days.