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Archaeological evidences show that the planting of Palm in Iran near the former Shoosh at the civilization of IIami was prevalent about 6000 years.
At Sassanidera time palm was found in the southern places of Iran. On 7th century was the time of development of agriculture and all types of fruits trees and vegetables were planted of over the Iran, So that all the fresh and dried fruits were exported from Esfahan to India and Asia Minor, also from Kerman to other countries.

Within the late nineteens Iran had more than 230 thousands of lands were under date palm cultivation. On year 2000 Iran export more than one million Metric Tons dates to all over the world, which was the largest date producer in the world.

On 2012 the total quantity of date production was 6.505.000 Metric Tones and the Iran was the second producer after Iraq with 1.066.000 MT. The Iranian Dates harvest begins early in spring after a long dormant period.

The most important types of dates are Piarom, Zahedi, Sayer, Mazafati, Kabkab, Rotab, Rabbi, Kalooteh and Shahabi.

Rotab has variety of productions such as fresh, soft type of date with moisture content of 28%-33%), semi-dry dates, dry dates, date paste, date syrups and industrial dates.

The main area that produce dates in Iran are: Hormozgan 21.6%, Khusistan 17.6%, Bushehr 13.4%, Kerman 21.1%, Beluchestan 12.2%, and Fars 12.3%.

Iranian Date Types

Mazafati Date

Mazafati: This type of Iranian dates is the most important type of economical dates, which are soft and wet with 15-35% moisture. These oval shape date are brown to black color. Mazzafati date grows in Kerman province (Bam, Jiroft, Kahnouj, Hajiabad,Tabas)This type of date is full of vitamin B and loaded with needed daily energy. Meanwhile, because of its black color it is popular in European countries. The size of Mazafati date is between 2.5 – 4.5 cm and the harvest time is at middle of August. Learn more about Mazafati Dates.

Piarom Date

Piarom dates are one of the well known and most important in Hormozgan province. It is meaty and Semi-Dry with 15% moisture. The color of this unique date is dark brown.Piarom dates have thin skin and because of its low sugar it is acceptable for diabetic people. This type of date has a delicious product, which is called Chocolate Date, which has a very huge international market, and the best export dates in Iran. The size of Piarom date is between 4-6 cm and the harvest time is middle of September.

Sayer Date

Sayer date is semi dry with fewer than 16% moisture. Its color is light brown to red and high commercial value. 70-80% of palms in Khuzestan province are Sayer dates and it is one of the most important exporting types in south of Iran.Sayer date is very popular in Europe and North America because of its low cellulose content and high sugar. The size of Sayer date is divided to big, GAQ (average) and FAQ (small) and the harvest time is at the middle of September. 
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Zahedi Date

Zahedi dates are one of the exquisite types of dates in Iran, mostly in Fars and Kerman province. These Iranian dates are dry and has fewer than 14% moisture. Zahedi dates are being mostly used in industrial purpose. It also has too much sugar and it shape is short about 3.5 cm, oval and thick.This yellow sweet Iranian date, which is the fruit in kharak stage, is attractive for Russia, Ukraine, India, Pakistan and UAE markets.The harvest time for this date is September but the product is available from October to March.

Kabkab Date

Kabkab date is very popular in CIS, UAE and India and is planted in south of Iran such as Borazjan, Jahrom and Fars regions. This type of date is semi-dry and has fewer than 18% moisture.The color in kharak and rotab stages is yellow and after it become ripe its color turns to dark brown. Kabkab date is soft and sweet and is used for direct consumption, industrial purpose and also used in compressed type.The harvest time for this Iranian date is middle of September.

Rabbi Date

Rabbi is one of the most important types of dates, which produced in Sistan and Baluchestan province. It is semi-dry and has fewer than 15% moisture. Iranian Rabbi date fruit, which prevent from cancer of digestive system is an appetizer, and also helps to relieve nervous tensions and treatments of diseases. He color of Rabbi date is dark brown and it shape is long, oval juicy with thin skin. The harvest time for this type of date is end of August continue for two month.