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Mazafati dates are one of the most well-known and exceptional types of Iranian date fruit which are typically used as Rutab (fresh) and are mainly produced in Bam city. This sort of date due to the fact of having excessive moisture is not used as nuts. The date can be viewed as the most scrumptious sort of date fruits in the world.

Mazfati Dates features: 

Its moisture relying on harvest time and planting place is between 15% to 35% and The dimension of the date is commonly between 2.5 – 4.5cm and it has a very beneficial flesh on it. Natural tender caramel and chocolate should be a description of the style of this scrumptious fruit. Our clients are amazed by way of the candy and tender melting of this unique date.Mazafati Date sap is too much. To distinguish the best of these dates ,act as if the quantity of juice of the date is greater ,the first-rate of these dates are additionally higher. High satisfactory variety of Mazafati has a skinny and tender texture and the low nice has difficult and dry texture. there are no any preservatives or chemical components are added.

Where Are Mazafati dates growing?

The most perfect and delicious type of Mazafati is grown in southern Iranian town of Bam. The Bam place has round 28000 Hectares of the lands below the harvest of Mazafati date from which 5000 Hectares pertains to younger palm tree and 120,000 heaps of the date is being harvested annually. Other Iranian cities that have appropriate circumstance for planting are Jiroft and Kahnuj in Kerman province and Saravan and Iranshahr in Sistan and Baluchestan province.

Mazafati Dates Benefits:

Mazafati simply like different types of date fruit is replete with fitness benefits. The date is loaded with energy and is rich in vitamin B, iron and phosphorous and has a excessive quantity of potassium and vitamin A. Moreover, Mazafati is replete with fiber which is advisable for these who are suffered from constipation and excess acid in the stomach and certainly the date is used as laxative food. Low in fats and absolutely free from cholesterol, Mazafati dates are top- notch energy boosters as they consist of natural sugars like glucose, sucrose, and fructose and are simply excellent for fitness mindful men and female and are accurate nourishment for the muscle improvement.

Mazafati Dates Exporter

Mazafati Dates Packing

As a mazafati date suplier and exporter, Goldaneh Soroush is always offering high quality products and most favorable service for our buyers, we take quality as important as service. Our packing is 600 – 700 g that put 12 in one mother box.( 7-8 kg mother weight).

Mazafati Dates Harvesting Time

Harvesting time depends to the variety and starts in August, lasting to the end of October. The Mazafati is fully ripe at the end of the Date season.

Iran Dates Production

Iran is one of the leading countries in Date production and export in the world. Date is harvested on 180,000 hectares of groves in Iran. Iran shares 20 percent or so of the world Date production and is the largest Date producer in the world.

Mazafati Date Shape and color

As mentioned above, its color is brown to black and its extra soft and very generous flesh so is highly popular in Iran and the rest of world. Its shape is Oval. Similar to Iranian Kabkab Dates The coloring of this kind variety is brown to black color.The ripe Mazafati has darkish crimson tends to black color. The date ought to be saved in refrigerator.

Mazafati Date Supplier & Exporter

Goldaneh Soroush Co is one of the leading Mazafati dates supplier and exporter based in Iran. We only provide quality products and we ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We buy our dry fruits such as Mazafati date and Pistachio directly from farms in Kerman, and then we start the packing process. The next step would be quality & quantity check by our experts, so we can guarantee our customers about our products. Furthermore, buyers could bring their own inspection agent to check the products.

You can lean more about the wholesale price of dates and other dried fruits by contacting us.

Mazafati dates