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What is Rabbi Date?

Rabbi Date is a semi-dried date fruit which needs a regular room temperature for its storage. The date is available in relative sizes , eye-catching black colour and soft texture. There is another form of Rabbi Date Which is smaller, extra dry and is so hard. Rabbi Date fruit is one of the most important productions of Sistan and Baluchestan province. After Stamaran,Shahani,Mazafati and Kabkab ,Rabbi Dates fruit has the most economic value in Iran. Iranshahr and Zabol has high quality Rabbi date and in the Chahbahar and Saravan its quality is good.

Rabbi Date Benefits:

Rabbi Date due to the natural nutritious substances has high nutritious value. The key elements of this fruit are Lactose and Fructose which are ample source of natural sugar and is not risky for those who suffer from excessive blood sugar. Just like Mazafati date Iranian Rabbi Dates fruit is an appetizer which stop from cancer of digestive system , enhance gastrointestinal function. Furthermore, it helps to relieve nervous tensions and remedies of diseases such as Anemia and excessive fat level.
If you consume date fruit too much , because of excessive sugar content which generally includes simple sugars would cause weight-gain. Latest provided research has proven that  dates belong to fruits category and they consists of all advantages of vegetables and fruits . Moreover, its hint amount of fats has resulted to become as a low-fat nutritious food!

Where is Rabbi Date growing?

Saravan city has broad range of cultivation of Rabbi dates annually. Cultivated dates in Sistan and Baluchestan province due to its high quality are acknowledged as pure gold .Researchers has declared cultivated Rabbi Date in Sistan and Baluchestan province are really unique and cannot be grown with same quality in any part of the world. Growing and cultivation of Rabbi Date due to the growing abilities and resistance against low irrigation play an vital role in agriculture industry of Iran.

Rabbi Date Packing:

Packaging methods of Iranian Rabbi date fruit are through the aid of modern technologies and equipped machines ,experienced specialists and observing health standards. In the end,  equipped cold storage buildings would store the dates for the duration of the four seasons of the year.

As a Rabbi date supplier and exporter we provide the following packing: 

  • 10 kg cartons
  • other packing types could be arranged per customer`s request.

Rabbi Dates Exporter:

In addition to consumption of rabbi date in the local markets of country, The are mainly exported to Central Asia , India and Pakistan.

Goldaneh Soroush Co is one of the leading suppliers and Exporters of Rabbi Dates. The most important activities of the our company are growing, packaging and export of these Date Fruit. Goldaneh Soroush through use of modern technologies, equipped cold storage, appropriate pricing and also thinking about countrywide and even global interests, grew to be a reliable and legitimate dealer of the Date Fruit Supplier and exporter.
Rabbi Date Supplier

Minimum Order Quantity: Our Company as a Rabbi Dates exporter accepts Minimum order quantity of 3-10 Tons based on the chosen transportation form.

Loading: Rabbi Dates can be loaded and shipped in 20 ft and 40 ft  dry and refrigerator containers. Most importantly, our recommendation for far distances and warm areas, is to use refrigerator containers, so the cargo will remain safe and sound during transportation.

Loading capacity of containers:

  • 20 ft. Container: up to 17 Tons
  • 40 ft. Container: up to 25 Tons

Shelf life: One year after the production date.

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