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Sayer Dates

Sayer dates

Sayer Date which makes up about 65% of Iranian date is one of the  Iranian export date that has contributed around 40% of complete export of date palm to itself.

Sayer(Stamaran) Date and Zahedi dates are the primary sorts of date fruit in Khuzestan province which commonly are utilized in export and global markets like other  date fruits such as Kabkab,Khazravi,Gantar and Hallavi solely are used in Iran and local markets.

The date due to its excessive quality and having top attributes is acknowledged in many international locations in particular Western countries such as Canada , England ,Australia and new Zealand.

The date has considerable amount  of vitamins and cellulose. Sayer Date is semi-dried date at harvest and its moisture is less than 17% and so because of this, preserving the date greater than one 12 months in a tropical warehouse and barring freezing is possible!This type of date fruit is in accordance to being semi-dry  and can be dissolved in water quickly.!

It need to be mentioned that the dates in khuzestan province mainly Sayer ( Stamaran) Date is free of pesticides and chemical compounds and is totally organic!The date that is known as Saamaran ,Stamara, Samberun, in different areas, consists around 70% of palm Khuzestan province ! its fruit is oval and occasionally inclined rectangular.

The date has yellow colour ; however the date fruit at ripening stage is amber-colored and reddish brown. In spite of of being dry, it is so sweet and because of storage houses, it can store its nutritional values for two years. This scenario has resulted in excessive parameter in the export.

Storage property of Sayer(Stamaran) Date reduces transportation and storage costs, due to the fact that buyers don’t want to transfer to the cold storage .The date must no longer be stored with chemicals, oil production and foods such as fish ,onion because they rapidly attract their smell and their retaining location must be free of dust too!

What is Sayer Date?

The most exceptional species of dates are produced in Iran. The fruit has a massive range and greater than four hundred types of the fruit, some of which acclaimed worldwide, are produced in the southern, southwestern, and southeastern palm groves of Iran.
Iranian Sayer Date is one of the perfect quality types of date destined for exportation which is produced in southern Iran. The Date that is also referred to as Saamaran ,Stamara, Samberun includes around 70% of palm Khuzestan province(one of the 31 provinces of Iran).
Sayer Date is a semi-dried date, and additionally it is so sweet , has high quality and  top attributes, thin skin, and oval and occasionally inclined rectangular and etc.

Sayer dates supplier

Sayer Date History

According to the archaeological evidences, the palm planting in Iran close to the former Shoosh at the time of slami civilization used to be regularly occurring about 6000 years, and the Date has been properly known. At the time of Sassanid era, Date palm was discovered abundantly in the southern areas of Iran.

The number of Date types in the World recorded around 4000. There are many different varieties of dates in Iran and  around four hundred sorts of Dates have been identified.
The date crop in Iran for all species (dried, semi-dried and fresh) during the farming year 1999-2000 was over one million tons. Iran shares 20 percentage or so of the world date production and is the biggest date producer in the world.

Iran produces 200,000 tons of dried date, 600,000 tons of semi-dried or fresh-to-dry date, and 200,000 tons of fresh date in its 180,000 hectares of palm groves commonly located in the provinces of Kerman, Bushehr, Khuzestan, Fars, Sistan-Baluchestan, Yazd, Kermanshah, Hormozgan and Semnan.

Khuzestan province: Almost all of the Sayer date and part of the Zahedi date harvested in Khuzestan Province. This Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran that settled in the southwest of the country. As a result, its dry and hot climate has brought about the province perfect infrastructure for date palm (date palm  is only the agricultural product of this province that is exported). The Dates in khuzestan province in particular Sayer (Stamaran) Date is free of pesticides and chemical compounds and is completely organic!

You can read more about history of dates here.

Where is Sayer Growing?

Sayer Date is one of the perfect quality and scrumptious semi-dried dates in the world that can be grown in most Southern cities of Iran however the most variety of Iranian Sayer Date fruit is cultivated and harvested in Khuzestan Province. The Date that is also referred to as Saamaran ,Stamara, Samberun. Sayer date  includes around 70% of  Khuzestan  province palm !

Sayer Date Moisture

Sayer Dates is semi-dried with moisture less than 17 %( below 15%).

Sayer Date color

The Date has yellow colour; however the Date fruit at ripening stage is amber-colored and reddish brown or darkish –brown.

Sayer Date Shape

The shape is long, oval and occasionally inclined rectangular, semi-dried, Snack, Sweet, round.

Sayer dates types

Sayer Date Size

It is is long, spherical and its  dimension is from 2cm to 5 cm.

Sayer Date Taste

Sayer date taste has one of the exceptional tasting varieties of dates, due to the fact of its sweetness and also has a special delicious and indescribable taste.

Sayer Date Harvesting Time

Like other date types, sayer harvesting time is generally at the mid October.

Sayer Date Types

There are some types of this date in the Iranian market including:

Non-pitted (With seed)
Pitted (Seedless)

Sayer Date Packing

Our company is constantly providing high quality products and most favorable provider for our buyers, we take quality as vital as service. Packaging and export of these Date Fruit are completed through latest technologies and in accordance of international community standards.

Features of Sayer Date Packing:

Our product is on hand in three grades of AAA, AA and A

500 Gr Carton Box

700 Gr Carton Box 5 Kg Carton Box

 10 Kg Carton Box

Keeping temperature

Sayer Date is a semi-dried Date fruit which can be stored in regular temperature of room. The Shelf existence is about 18 – 12 months (1 year) under interim fumigation however packaging approaches of Iranian Sayer Date fruit are carried out via contemporary technologies and equipped machines ,experienced specialists, which in the end, the dates would be saved in equipped cold storage buildings in the course of the four seasons of the year.

Nutrients and Benefits

All the Iranian dates’ kinds( Kimia, Mazafati, Piarom, Rabbi, Zahedi, Kabkab, Sayer) are rich sources of high nutrients, minerals, vitamins, fibers, antioxidants, sugars, energy(calories) and etc. Therefore, all of them have scientific benefits for our physique immune system then we can use or put them as snacks or dietary supplements in our day by day meals.

Sayer Date Supplier

Goldaneh Soroush is one of the most distinguished and well-known dealers of the Date Fruit and other dry fruits in Iran. Goldaneh Soroush was established in 2005 in order to supply and offer a variety of fresh types of the date Fruit such as pitted, fresh and dried Dates in Iran and even overseas.
The most important activities of the our company are growing, packaging and export of these Date Fruit . We have had a remarkable record as a sayer date export company in Iran. Goldaneh Soroush through use of contemporary technologies, equipped cold storage, appropriate pricing and also thinking about countrywide and even global interests, grew to be a reliable and legitimate dealer of the Date fruit and also have managed to attract foreign markets such as Middle east, central Asian, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Europe in addition to inner markets of Iran that are some of the achievements of the organization in this business.

Goldaneh Soroush company is a prominent Sayer dates supplier and exporter based in Iran. For the latest wholesale Sayer Date price contact us.